Walnut Floor Sanding And Oiling

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We had a pleasure to work on a cinema room flooring in one of the most expensive properties in Chelsea, London. Sadly, the floor was badly scratched during a house party and it was our job to make it look brand new again.

Wood species we were dealing with there was walnut, which makes absolutely stunning floors, but can be quite challenging to work with. As always, adequate abrasives for this wood species were picked and the right technique was used to sand the floor back down with minimal loss to the floor.

Our dust free sanding system allowed us to complete the work with minimal disruption for our clients. Shelves did not have to be cleared and glass and cabinets did not have to be covered.


antique oak flooring repairs

After initial sanding was completed, we could proceed with restoring floor edges and corners. It was only after that we could bring in yet another big sanding machine, this time for fine sanding. Our random orbit walk behind sander. With this machine we could remove all scuffs and imperfections and make the surface extra smooth for finishing shortly after.

antique oak flooring after sanding

For this particular floor we recommended applying hard wax oil, rather than the varnish. On walnut floors the oil brings out much richer colouring. What you van see in a picture here is bare walnut floor with just the oil applied. Colour difference is a result of applying just clear oil on walnut. This beautiful effect is well known to anyone working with wood. This is the best way to make the most of a floor like that. You bring out rich grain and deep colour without need for any wood dye and the grain is visible and beautifully clear.



antique oak flooring after sanding


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